E123 Amaranth

Amaranth (Amaranth, E123) — a dye of red (bluish-red) color.


Very dangerous. May cause: fetal malformations, hyperactivity, urticaria, runny nose.

Aspirin-sensitive people are best avoided. May have harmful effects on the reproductive function. It has a negative effect on the lever and kidneys. Causes birth defects. It has carcinogenic (causes cancer) and teratogenic (leads to congenital deformities) effects.


It is included in the list of food additives prohibited for use in the food industry of our country. It has been banned in the United States since 1976 due to its possible carcinogenicity. In our country, mandatory state registration of the food additive Amaranth E123 is required.

There is a plant called Amaranth. This plant has nothing to do with the dye.

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